10 things to know about the women hair loss.

10 things to know about the women hair loss.

If you are beginning to notice that your hair loss even just a gentle comb, is this what you call a hair loss problem? Yes, we tend to think of hair loss problems are for men’s, but the fact is that many women do have this problem, especially in women aged 50 years and above, there are also 10 facts you should know about hair loss problems.

  1. Women’s hair loss can happen as well as men’s, we often see when men’s have their hair loss, the hair will have the shape of an “M”, some will be bold in the middle. Mary Gail Mercurio a Dermatologist, from the University of Rochester Medical center, in New York, said that, in most cases the symptoms of hair loss, women tend not to retreat, in the front, but will fall in the middle.However, if the case is because of the hair wash, or styling your hair, this is not one of the problems, but the problem is when you start knowing that your hair is getting thinner, women with this problem, most likely to have the same problem as their family and some are due to hormonal changes in the body.
  1. Testosterone at a high level, causes hair loss, those that has this problem, the physicians could help, by giving drug Anti-androgen, which reduces the effects of hormones that cause hair loss.
  2. Oral contraceptives also resulted in hair loss a lot and this problem seems to be found in those who take old pills, may have to try to switch to new ones that minimize the impact on hair loss, if this happens, then the use of contraceptives should consult physicians immediately.
  3. The hair loss may not be permanent, some women may experience hair loss after giving birth, because hormonal changes in the body, in this case, the doctor said, the hair will regenerate, but it takes time. Many women have this problem due to dieting, weight loss, which is the result of a lack of certain nutrients.Especially iron and zinc, affect the strength of the hair, this case can be solved by eating nutritious food, the nuts and shellfish, and in restricting food, it should be a process, not like that the body may have been inadequate nutrition that leads to hair loss is not permanent.
  1. Stress also contributed to hair loss, and these symptoms may be more than you expected, the stress, whether from work, the conflict within the home can cause many diseases and illnesses, also to the hair loss part as well, because of stress, to break the life cycle of the hair as well.
  2. When the women’s age gets older, the hair loss even more, particularly those with a family history of hair loss, this group may begin to have some hair since the age of 20 and over will be even more, the cause of the problem is because of the hormones, the doctors recommend trying to maintain hormonal balance, including eating a healthy diet and high stress control.
  3. Biotin or vitamin B 7, helps to regenerate the hair loss, we’ve probably seen the products sold in the market everywhere, which this indicates that properties in skin and nail products, those containing biotin, which helps maintain healthy hair, helps the metabolism and absorption of food, so that the body gets the energy, however, doctors from the Mayo Clinic says, biotin helps the hair to be healthier, but cannot be determined exactly that biotin helps treat hair loss caused by hormonal problems or genetics.
  4. Using too much shampoo may be causing the hair loss, in the past, we may see a famous blogger and many people came out and said that, you should not wash your hair with shampoo, if you do not use shampoo your hair will be thicker and healthier than this case, doctors say, we cannot confirm that shampoo causes hair loss, because there is no scientific evidence to confirm and then shampoo it does not harm your hair.On the other hand, it cleans and removes greases on the hair, also if you do not use shampoo thoroughly enough, it could lead to dandruff, too, if you use shampoo and concerns on the hair loss, to look at the hair loss after the hair wash, for this to think that usually, we lose our hair daily 100 to 150 lines per day.
  1. Does the sun have an effect to hair loss? Of course being in the sun without sun cream protection, it damages your skin, but that does not cause hair loss, vitamin D from sunlight is food to the skin, to be essential to the life cycle of hair, has revealed that women with hair loss, often lack vitamin D, so the sun and eating enough is critical to maintaining the hair is good.
  2. Hair coloring is a common cause of hair loss, hair styling, is not the cause of hair loss, doing too much treatments is not good as well, including the hair coloring, drying hair with heat, straightening, curling, blow, heat, make more frequent hair loss.



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