Why collagen peptide is so important to you?

What is collagen peptide?

Before talking about the importance of collagen peptide, you may need to know what collagen is, where it comes from and why it is beneficial to our body.

Collagen peptides are large protein molecules found in human and animals that act as a vital glue to hold the structure together. Collagen plays such a great role in keeping our skin firm.

As our body ages, we gradually stop producing collagen and collagen is rather decomposed, resulting in noticeable impacts on our skin such as wrinkled and sagging skin. Therefore, collagen is considered important in keeping our skin tight and letting we have a youthful-looking skin even when we are getting older.

Collagen is essential to the body. After the age of 20, our body produces less and less collagen and we lose around 1.5% of our collagen every year. The loss of collagen negatively affects overall health and wellness such as wrinkled, saggy, and inflexible skin, as well as deteriorated bones and joints. That’s why so many people get joint pains more often when they get older.

As we can see, collagen is so necessary for the human body that we should make sure that its level stays high as long as possible. However, we can get collagen from a variety of sources but the most commonly used collagen is extracted from fish, beef, and pork.

What is collagen peptide?

After we have known enough about collagen, now let’s know more about collagen peptide.

Collagen peptide is the smallest molecular particles obtained from hydrolyzed collagen. Many of us might have not realized about this truth; it is true that our body can absorb nutrients, but if the nutrient particle size is too large, the body is unable to absorb such nutrients completely neither can it get benefits from them. Then, the particle size of collagen which has not been put through the process of acid hydrolysis is so large that our body cannot absorb in the amount of what our body needs.

Since collagen peptide has a smaller particle size, the body can effectively absorb and get the benefits from nutrients. Moreover, collagen peptides extracted from beef, pork and fish are the most effective ones.

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