How to Detox from Sugar

How to Detox from Sugar

How to Detox from Sugar

You should know that sugar is a new fat! And for people wanting to lose weight, avoiding sugar should be a part of the weight loss process and routine.

Despite the years, our brains are being brainwashed into the thinking that fats are not good, it turns out that it is the sugar that makes us overweight and sick. In all forms, sugar is the cause of obesity and other common chronic illnesses that suck our life out. Dementia, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, acne, infertility, depression, and a few to name are the causes of sugar. If you want to avoid these diseases in the future, then get yourself ready for sugar detoxification.

Sugar Detox

Why Need to Detox from Sugar?

Before we get into the idea of how to detox from sugar, let us first identify why we need to have a clear path from it. We need ourselves to have proper sugar detoxification to break the addictive cycle of sugar and carb craving, which robs our health.

Detoxification is important because it will not just break the bad habit cycle we usually do; it can generally lead us to a healthy life. Sugar detoxification is painless and enjoyable to reverse our sugar addiction while resting the body and brain. No boring diet form, no craving, and no deprivation need to deal with. And at the end of the sugar detoxification cycle, you can get your mind and body back while learning new ways on how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.

How to Detoxify the Sugar?

You’ll be surprised that sugar detox is not as hard as it sounds like other detoxification you heard around. You can have the chance to break the sugar intake cycle in a matter of days using the following plans to get started:

Make Sure to Have the Right Timing

When you have an easy schedule, pick a window (headaches and the feeling of crankiness at the detox routine could be the adverse side effects). Try the sugar detoxification during the week, for instance, at a time when you do not have dinner plans, and you can relax.

Know What You Want to Cut

For three days, skip the carbs and other foods with sugar. Do the same thing for dairy and fruits. These are the healthy foods, which you can take in on the 4th day, but they are full of sugar, which can make it more difficult for the dieters to success if they take them during the detox process. You can take the whole source of proteins such as meat, eggs, chicken. Take also lots of fresh veggies and healthy fat sources such as avocados and nuts. Use the fats to fight the sugar craving.

Have Some Addition 

After the third day, add back the healthy sugar. You can do this by starting with apple and a daily serving of dairy. Then add more fruits. Little by little, you can add back the healthy grains, wines, dark chocolate, and more dairy. This routine will recalibrate your palate, and when you are overwhelmed with sugar most of the time, you do not even taste it.

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