Low Carb Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Low Carb Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

There are a lot of people who desire a healthy nutritional lifestyle. This can be either to lose weight or simply to be careful about what we eat. Yet, we find it difficult to switch to those healthier diets as we get boggled by the apparent difficulty or complexity of such diets. This article helps those people understand the benefits of a low carb diet. Additionally, it will talk about the foods you can eat and some of the easy low carb recipes.

As the name implies, low carb diets restrict the amount of carbohydrates we consume. Carbohydrates can be found in processed foods with high sugar or starch content. This is replaced by foods with high protein and fat nutrition, which are easily digested by the average metabolic system. Low carb diets limit our insulin production, limit our cravings for sweet and sugary foods, and allow us to transition to healthier lifestyles.

The foods with high carbohydrate value ought to be avoided. These include foods with high sugar content, like soft drinks, candy, ice cream, etc. Also avoid starchy grains like wheat, barley, rye, breads, pasta, etc. Certain oil bases like sunflower, soybean and canola oils are also a source of high carbs. One mistake many people make is consuming “low-fat” or dietary products, including artificial sweeteners, cereals, crackers, which are in fact, more harmful than good. Avoid these when you can, alongside highly processed factory foods.

Instead, switch to protein foods. This includes the meat family of beef, lamb, chicken, veal, pork, etc. Fish is another great food which can be incorporated into low carb recipes. Eggs, green vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, cheese, butter, yogurt and olive oil are all foods that provide the right kind of nutritional value that your body needs. Water, tea and coffee should be consumed in abundance, whereas dark chocolate and wine should be consumed in moderation.

To make the process easier, let us recommend some easy but healthy low carb recipes.

Great breakfast low carb recipes can include: whisking together an omelet with vegetables like spinach and mushrooms, fried in butter or coconut oil. Other options include frying up bacon with eggs or stirring fresh yogurt with your favorite mix of berries.

Low carb recipes for lunch options extend further: You could have a healthy chicken or shrimp salad with green leafs or a light yogurt with berries and almonds. You could even just throw in berries, fruits, almonds and milk in a blender and make a quick smoothie. Frying lightly seasoned fish in olive oil and serving it with broccoli is a great alternative.

For dinner, low carb recipes can include: cheeseburgers (minus the bun) with salad and salsa, or quick fry steaks (either chicken or beef). Salmon with butter and vegetables is a tasty alternative. Grilled chicken with vegetables is also a healthy option. For the wings lovers, a portion of wings go very well together with raw side of spinach. These are all dinners that do not require extra effort or attention, but also tend to taste great and are easy to maintain as part of a diet.


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