How to have a natural bright skin, follow the 5 recipe below

How to have a natural bright skin, follow the 5 recipe below

How to have a brighter skin? For women’s with skin problem, might feel down about your skin and is looking to put together a natural recipe to scrub your skin, try some of the below recipes.

For 5 recipes of white skin in a natural way, using the ingredient around us, it is a mix of recipes, women’s who want to have a brighter skin, say goodbye to the dull black cells under control, which this doesn’t have to be expensive, let’s start having bright skin!

1. Olive oil and lemon juice

The olive oil, lemon juice and salt, mix well, then bring it to the surface of skin and then rinse thoroughly.

2. Tomatoes and brown sugar

Take some tomato’s to slice them into thin strips, then coat with brown sugar first before being brought to scrub thoroughly, scrub where ever you like, a circular mask for about 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly

3. Tamarind, lime, yogurt & honey

This bright skin recipe is a mix combination, the items that we will use this time are, 1 hand full of tamarind, 1 lemon juice, 6 teaspoons of yogurt (choice natural flavor only), normal powder body scrub 5-6 teaspoons, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, mix all the ingredients into a homogeneous, then brushed onto the skin all over the body, then rinse skin thoroughly.

4. Scrub your skin with turmeric

Use fresh turmeric to peel out and wash well, cut into small pieces before crushing it well, It’s time to mix  the other ingredients together, such as milk, lemon, tamarind, honey, two inflatable or soil, etc., put turmeric powder to exfoliate skin just a little, if you use too much, it may cause your skin to be yellow, then knead the mixture until combined and then scrub all over your body, turmeric skin, white flawless, skin, clean shaven wireless bacteria on the skin, and other ingredients which added to the skin in a more perfect way.

5. Scrub your body with Loofah

For those who do not have time to prepare the ingredients, every time you shower, please take a loofah to scrub your skin along with your soap that you are using, it can stimulate exfoliation of dead skin off gently as well, making it soft, bright and make it even more soft when you put some cream on.

5 recipes for scrubbing your skin choose some of the recipe or scrub your body with Loofah, making your skin brighter, which you can’t miss, this.  

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