How to lose belly fat through eating healthy

How to lose belly fat through eating healthy

The secret to permanent fat belly loss does not necessarily come down to complex weight loss and calorie-counting gimmicks as most people believe. Instead, it is about working with our body’s sleep rhymes as well as natural hunger to burn belly fat, curb cravings, and send our energy levels soaring.

According to research, your body’s inner heart eat-and-sleep clock has been completely thrown out of your whack, thanks to the cues you send it all long with the wrong foods. The outcome: you find yourself in a fat cycle. A steady flow of hunger-hormones that will make your cravings irresistible. However, tuning into the natural eat-and-sleep schedules of your body can enable you wave goodbye to your belly fat. Work out these foods into your diet plan to lose belly fat, sleep better and also lose your overall weight. Here is how to get started:


Reviews of over ninety studies in the journal Nutritional Reviews showed a strong relationship between calcium consumption & improved body composition. If your calcium intake is low, your body will react by secreting hormones that allows you to make proper use of the available calcium in your body. Problem however is, your body notifies fat cells not to release fats, including your fat belly. Dairy, including cheese (more so Swiss), milk (including whole milk, you only need to keep an eye on your calories) and yoghurt are the recommended calcium sources. Take at least three servings per day, and monitor the rest of your diet. You will surely lose belly fat.


When your diet lacks omega-3(a common nutrient in fish), your pineal gland (found in your brain and helps regulate your nervous system) will be thrown off, resulting to alterations in the melatonin production, your sleep hormone. Individuals who are deficient in omega-3 do not sleep during their normal rest hours, leading to habits such as unhealthy late-night eating.

Fish also contains proteins. Previous research has proven that proteins are able to satiate your appetite. You will also be able to burn even more calories while digesting proteins compared to digestion of carbs or fats. In addition, omega-3 will boost your heart health and lower your dementia risk.


Nuts are the best source of magnesium which is a mood-boosting essential nutrient. Eating it in plenty will help those who have trouble in sleeping doze off peacefully the whole night. This is as far as a 2010 study that was published in the journal Magnesium Research is concerned. A group of a hundred tossers-and tuners above 51 years was given 320mg of magnesium per day. Another different group got a placebo. After a couple of weeks, the group that took magnesium slept peacefully- which research shows may lead to reduced over-eating and belly fat. As a bonus these people had low levels of hazardous inflammations, which is a rogue reaction by your immune system which is implicated in cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.


In your quest to search for the best diet to lose belly fat, you are urged to try the above food types just for one or two weeks and I’m a hundred percent sure that you will be able to shed those belly fat without having to undergo those strenuous workouts or those painful surgical procedures. Good luck!


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