Walking is our best friend for losing weight.

Walking is our best friend for losing weight.

A lot of people want to lose weight, tries to set a target to get out and exercise, but you know what? An easy walk and we are doing it every day is the best way to lose weight.

– Walking is an aerobic exercise at a low intensity, with the fat used in the ratio of calories burned over the running, because aerobic activity light fat to about 80% of calories burned, but aerobic activity at a moderate 50% of energy from fat.

– If we run, the body uses energy from carbohydrates, the body accumulate quickly, so many people are so hungry and their hands are shaking, they eat more after the exercise, because the mechanism of the body that needs the energy quickly, but walking uses the energy from the fat, therefore makes you not so hungry so and this is a good beginning to lose weight.

– Walking does not because the muscle to damage, so the next day we are able to start walking again, but if you run for beginners, the body needs time to recuperate, if you force exercise that still hurts it will make the body stress for losing weight.

– People who are overweight have excess fat than normal body weight, the excess weight of the body weight over the standard will be about 10-20% of the body weight, for example, if Mr. A weighs 100 kg, it weighs more than fat so that it is 10-20 kg, so that the athletes must carry the weight of 20 kg, running the risk of injury, overweight people should not be running.

– The WHO organization support to exert a level of exhaustion medium to reach to be considered healthy, so walking for people, it wouldn’t be hard enough, but if you go back to the top, is ordinary people tries to carry a 20 kg weight-bearing and walk, she’d become a heavy workout, so, for overweight people, walking is classed as an exercise (Do not worry about those people that tells you to run).

– Walking is an exercise that has a lower impact, because the walk is either foot on the floor all the time, as opposed to running a rhythm both feet hanging out of the ground when the falls are hitting over typically 2-3 times the body weight, so it’s safe to walk more than running (It is enough to stimulate bone strength, far from osteoporosis disease).

– For better results, you should walk continuously for the last 10 minutes, anywhere you want; however you want, at any time you want, whether walking at lunch, shopping, walking up the BTS station, they are all a healthy for you.

– If you want your body to be developed, try walking faster and walk up the stairs frequently, because it will burn calories more, body strength, prevent and reduce non-communicable diseases, when the body weight is loss, then you can improve yourselves to running.

– The aim of walking to lose weight, the timing should be, walking for at least 1 hour 20 minutes a day, but a brisk walk of about 40 minutes a day (including breaks, morning walk, late morning walk, afternoon walk and anytime when you are convenient), or if it is a distance of about 7 kilometers (3.5 kilometers if it’s just walking fast). Or to make it easy, you can use the equipment to help you count your steps a day, about 8,500 steps to lose weight, or better if you make a target of walking at 10,000 steps a day, the Japanese believed that this is the secret to good health, long life, it is an easy choice and best for you to lose weight.

– Walking 10,000 steps (about 500 calories), extremely difficult, if you end up drinking Thai iced tea with jelly or cold sweet coffee, so the most important aspect of weight loss is to lose the sweet taste, salt, eat more fruits and vegetables to make it more and more important not to starve, do not save calories with useful, eat 3 full meals a day, Coach Peng says * However, during the diet, you should exercise to build the muscle as well at least 2 times a week.


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