Jenni Hya Glaszy+


Jenni Hya Glaszy+ is the dietary supplement for skin care. It is the new look with Hya that can be taken in liquid form. The product is added with full extracts for hydrated skin with Hyaluronic, L-glutathione, and Collagen Dipeptide in small molecule at 200 tons that is easily absorbed. Along with more than 18 types of vitamins, the product nourishes body skin to be radiant, provides antioxidants, promotes skin to be smooth, soft, moisturized, and firm, reduces wrinkles, reduces dark spots, red spots, and acne, tightens pores, nourishes nails, hair, bones and joints, promotes skin to be aura and look healthy, as well as helps restore and nourishes skin completely in one jar.


money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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