Know Before You Decide! How to choose Botox and fillers

Know Before You Decide! How to choose Botox and fillers

Today, I believe that many people have heard of correction, a fine decorative face without painful surgery with two treatments, Botox (Allah Botox) and fillers (Filler), which if, as we understand it, Botox is injected to reduce size, reduce wrinkles, the filler is to enter fills the missing or want more, but if we do not search more information on this then it can be very dangerous.

Start at the injection Botox firstly, which the majority of patients who come to the doctor’s, to inject it, which causes drip, swelling, infection, webbed, because we detect Hyaluronic acid, the mixture which is a fake injection and this would lead problems to follow.

The girls would come up with a lot of questions, like how do we know whether it’s fake or real? Which the doctor has recommended that you ask to see the license, ask at least to check, in addition to that you need experience and reliability of the clinics, which the brand has been licensed and safe, usually filler will last up to two years, depending on the brand.

Next is the Botox, doctors have to tell us that, in fact, the Botox is called or known as Botulinum toxin, which is used in the United States, has been allowed to have three different brands, but in Thailand that allows for recognition and now have two options, i.e. Botox OnabotulinumtoxinA and Dysport AbobotulinumtoxinA.

So then, the drug toxin is injected into the face must be very secure as much as possible, which the girls might be confused on how different it it, the US and Korean, inject it reduces wrinkles, jaw dropping as well, which the doctor told us that in fact, it can be like that, but if the injection of quality, injection one times, twice may be normal, but when injected cannot be converted to injection of receiving less quality, not working, which will take 2 -3 years to get rid.

They come from different ingredients, that is, the purity of the protein. The toxin is safe to have a minimum protein, which is a protein in the quantities it can cause drug resistance and the other one is about the distribution of the drug.

If you now know this, you should be safe and see an actual professional doctor for advice and should have more information before doing it. Injections of Botox and fillers are not wrong or dangerous, we just have to choose well correctly and injected by an experienced physician, and then we will have a pretty face, which is safe and sound.


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