Check disorders of your “virgina” yourself.

Check disorders of your “virgina” yourself.

Many people are concerned in the secret of the ” virgina“, because there may be color, smell or changes of shapes, but you are scared to ask anyone about this, doctor Chanwalee is aware of the concerns of this, so we are finding a way to check the disorders of the virgina ourselves.

Q: I read a something about, if you have sex too often, it will make our virgina turn black? Is this true and how can be check on this and find a result to it?

A: The beliefs that having sex often, will make the virgina turn black is just a myth or it’s not true. Some people have quite a dark shade of skin beneath the belly since they were born, or it turned darker later on, they are scared because they don’t want their boyfriends to know that they were an avid, promiscuity and impurity, which is not true at all.

Indeed, the colors of virgina depends on the pigment melanin, which is genetic from the parents, usually corresponds to the color of the lips and skin, the skin yellow or white, virgina is usually pink, the dark skinned people, virgina is often darker.

Having sex makes the blood flow to the virgina better, people who have sex more often conventional, non infective virgina, and it has a bright, rosy or reddish, or simply red virgina rather than black virgina.

Frequency of normal sex on average is 2-3 times per week, and that congress often does not have limits, but no matter how often you will do well and it still makes you healthy, does not interfere with your daily life, work, relationships with family and friends, no pain, no hurt, no harm, it is classed as a normal usual sex.

If you have frequent sex and infections such as fungal and sexually transmitted infection other, such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, genital warts, cancroids, herpes, HIV, syphilis, HIV, and this will make the virgina darker definitely.

How to check the abnormal virgina suggest two simple reasons, look and smell.

  1. What should we look for?
  • See external reproductive organs generally, in fact, the body either side of us as well, so a labia majora sides and labia minora two sides are not equal, so it is quite common, but if you have a rash, sores, a lump, a bump, a spot, a lobe, labia minora labia majora change the color white is considered abnormal and require medical attention.
  • View vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge should mucus clear, there are many in the third period, the first period, after menstruation and during ovulation, by the egg to discharge the most mucus transparent, stretchy, about 10 centimeters, caused the influence of female hormones, however, discharge the three ranges should not be long is not more than three days, if the discharge coming months, with plenty of flavor or color, such as green, yellow, carbuncular, should see a doctor.
  • See menstrual period, which should normally be no more than seven days, on average, for three days, it should not come on and off, if a blood clot larger than the diameter of two centimeters out with, severe abdominal pain, fever, or smell, is considered as not normal and should see a doctor
  • View the urine, due to the infection of virgina often have infections of the bladder with, so if urine stinging contrary, frequent urination than one time in a couple of hours in the day, urine for up to two more times during the night, urine odor, turbidity, bubble, pus, urine, blood, pain during urination, should seek medical attention.
  1. Smelling it might be a joke, but it’s not! We should smell the vigina everyday, it should have any bad smells, whether it’s in normal times, before and after the period and after giving birth virgina. If virgina smells, there is often an infection, which roughly tells the severity of the infection.
  • Rancid smell, most likely a fungus, not a danger
  • Smell rancid, musty smell like foot odor, often associated with cleanliness, hygiene
  • Salty smell like fish, salted fish, often associated with bad or parasitic infection of the vagina
  • Smell like feces, often contaminated by infected feces, such as dysentery
  • Rancid odor or smell like a corpse, a smell that suggested violence, a bacterial infection that does not require oxygen, the smell of cancer which has infected.

How to have a health Virgina, as following:

  1. Healthy mind and body weight control, not fat not too skinny, eat a full squad, fruits and vegetables, foods rich in vitamin E, C, anti-oxidants enough rest, there are ways to cope with stress, in a good environment, no pollution exercise four times a week, exercise makes blood flow throughout the body as well, pelvic floor muscle strength, areas reserved to shine, healthy, help reduce the incidence of urinary incontinence and helps with better sex.
  2. Care, lifestyle, do not wear pants or a skirt, tight, regularly, do not use tampons regularly, not vaginal douching regularly, do not eat sweet foods, do not eat raw fermented regularly, do not smoke, do not drink, do not buy antibiotics (antibiotics) and to eat it, because the risk of fungal infections of the vagina and groin or vaginal infections from bacteria multiply, making vaginal odor.
  3. Care hormones, lack of female hormones, in women who cut Oophorectomy before menopause or in women during menopause, vaginal inflammation, soreness, vaginal discharge, infections, if a problem comes then should see a doctor.
  4. Care sex, sex should be safe, you should not use a condom every time you have sex, do not speculate, that if contraceptives were not available, choose an appropriate contraceptive method and careful cleaning if using sex toys.
  5. Healthcare woman’s vagina, in the acidic environment of lactic acid builds up, the bacteria picked lactose Bellevue City Light, which helps regulate citizenship bad bacteria, cleaning too little, pile up, wet moist, making the vaginal pH and increase the bad bacteria, cleaning or douching too much, causing irritation, rash, vaginal dryness, burning, killing bacteria, good, more bad bacteria, both causes malodorous vaginal discharge occurs, cervical and uterine inflammation.


This vital organ, particularly pay attention to disorders and should self-examination regularly.


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