Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea

The citrusy flavor of lemongrass makes for a delicious and healthy cup of herbal tea. Lemongrass is a perennial plant that can be grown indoors as a potted plant or in your garden. It only needs lots of water, some sun and rich soil. Lemongrass has the scent of lemon, but has a sweeter and milder taste. It is often used in many Asian cuisines for its strong flavor. In India, lemongrass has been used for many years for medicinal reasons.

Lemongrass tea doesn’t only help you relax. It also offers a lot of health benefits. You can boil chopped lemongrass and let it steep for ten to fifteen minutes or add the pieces of lemongrass in a teapot and allow it to brew. If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can choose to dip a tea bag with dried lemongrass in a cup of hot water. Here are reasons why you should drink lemongrass tea.

Lemongrass Tea

Rich in Antioxidants

Lemongrass tea is rich in antioxidants that help detox and cleanse you from within. Drinking lemongrass tea can help remove toxins by relieving fluid retention.

Improve Metabolism

If you want to lose weight, you can drink lemongrass tea. It boosts the metabolism, which makes digestion faster and helps burn more calories. In 2013, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report which revealed that the caffeine in tea and polyphenols in natural plant compounds boosts the oxidation of fatty acids and use of energy in the body.

Control High Blood Pressure

Lemongrass can help reduce high blood pressure. It contains a high amount of potassium, which boosts the production of urine in the body that in turn lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Improving the circulation of blood also helps purify the liver. Lemongrass limits absorption of cholesterol from the intestines, which helps promote heart health.

Good for Digestion

The cooling energy of lemongrass helps soothe the stomach and improve the digestive functions. It contains citral that can help digest food. Lemongrass has been used as a primeval remedy for stomach concerns in Chinese medicine such as constipation, indigestion or bloating.

Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties

Lemongrass has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help you deal with flu, cold and cough. It’s also packed with Vitamin C that boosts the immunity. You can boil fresh lemongrass together with a pinch of turmeric, tea leaves and some cloves. This concoction can help break down any build-up of phlegm and mucus caused by congestion. Another common Ayurvedic treatment for cold is a blend of tulsi leaves, cardamom and lemongrass.

Vitamins A and C

Lemongrass is rich in Vitamins A and C, which are great for your hair and skin. Improving the circulation of blood helps treat oily textures, eczema, acne and pimples as well as clear up the skin.

Alleviate Menstrual Pain

Lemongrass tea can also alleviate menstrual pain and hot flashes thanks to its soothing effect.

Just remember that lemongrass tea can lower blood sugar levels, so diabetics should talk to their doctor first before drinking. Breastfeeding or pregnant women should also avoid lemongrass tea due to the mechanisms of some chemical compounds.

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