Nails things….. Small things

Nails things….. Small things

A lot of people have problems with painting nails, they would have to pay a lot of money to go to the nail salon and get there nails done, but painting nails are a very easy thing…. You just need techniques in painting them and let’s see how easy it is!!!!

Painting Nail Techniques

  • Squeeze lemon juice or vinegar in a boil, leave it for a while and then dip your finger nails into it, to help soften the nails.
  • Use nail polish liquid foundation on the first floor, to nail care, because if we use the nail colors straight away, it will make our nails yellow.
  • The nail polish colors, should strike through more than 3 times, because the colors will be too thick and don’t put down more than 2 layers on nail colors.
  • After the nail polish colors already, should end with a nail varnish coating because it improves, shiny, glistening with nails and nail to prevent color fade from the sun.


Collection of nail polish as well, to make it last longer, must cover tightly and store in a cool distant, like away from the sun, a small refrigerator, a selection of nail polish should look at the combination, nail polish, good once should be no alcohol, because alcohol will make the nail dry and brittle.

Choose the color of nail polish to match the skin color

  • Yellow white skin: With pink orange, brown gold or a bright color
  • Pink White skin: With pink brown, pink purple or a cold color
  • Black Yellow skin: With brown dark gold, bright red or gold
  • Black Red skin: With dark red or pink


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