What should women 30 years old-up eat, to look good, let’s go and see!

What should women 30 years old-up eat, to look good, let’s go and see!

Women 30 years old-up, at this age, it gets to the point where you have to look after yourself more than before, you don’t just let yourself have, aging, wrinkles like our age, that would not be good! For women like us, we have to see what we should eat to look good for 30 years old women and over.

In addition to exercise, enough rest, refrain from drinking alcohol and should be eating something like here below:

– Fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants

Whether it’s, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, banana, papaya

– Vegetables

Chemical-free vegetables and rice which will make us full faster and high in nutritional value

– Grains and Beans

The rice, beans, vegetables, peanuts, chia seeds, sesame seeds, both black and white mixed together with the food, for beauty and you won’t get fat on these.

– Ginger Honey

Well known that honey is considered to be the elixir, the ginger has an effect to help reduce the fat in the blood as well.

– Avoid sweets less

Eating a lot of sugar, causes free radicals to cause higher body, the cells will be destroyed, causing aging, also causes cellulite, too.

– Drinking red wine

Drinking red wine per day, 1-2 cups, because the red wines are high in antioxidants

– Fresh coffee

But should not drink more than one glass a day, because it is to help the heart, making the heart work better.

– Avoid fast-food restaurant.

It should be avoided, and it fried foods, because these foods are not healthy, fat, blood circulation is not easy.

– Drink a lot of water

Our bodies need water the most, so we need to drink enough water, 8-10 glasses per day, sip during the day, both good for health and good skin.

Now you know this, then you should get started on changing yourself so you don’t get old before age. Let Start!!


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