Non-Surgical Ways to Breast Lift

breast lift without surgery

Non-Surgical Ways to Breast Lift

There are numerous reasons for breast droopiness. They became an issue when a woman is in her middle age and her body suddenly loses some of its tightness and fitness. This mostly happens after excessive weight loss and pregnancy. Breast droopiness loses the charm, beauty and appeal of every woman. At this point, women tend to find ways to make their breasts firm and command the eyes of men. There are many ways to attain firmer and fuller breasts. Technically speaking, it is possible to have a breast lift without relying on surgery.

Due to the recent publicity given to nonsurgical procedures to treat everything, doctors are also getting their fair share by addressing sagging breast. The idea of going under the knife being expensive to most, women try to avoid it because cheap surgery comes with immense side effects and un-predictable results.

How to get a breast lift without surgery.

The following are some of the effective, safe and non-invasive methods to treating breast drooping;

1. Breast Enlargements Exercises.

We start with perhaps the most affordable and readily available of all. There are a number of pectoral exercises designed for breast lift. When you do chest press-ups and push-ups, you are actually strengthening the muscles underneath the breast. You can also use specialized equipment to increase the chances of attaining firm breast. The advantage attached to breast enlargement exercises is that it’s far safer and effective. However for visible results, you will need to be persistent with your exercise routine. If your breast drooping are pronounced, exercise alone will not make the same difference as breast lift surgery.

2. Breast Augmentation.

Breast augmentation supplements are readily available in any drug store which ideally makes it the most popular way to breast lift without going under a knife. This natural set of herbs are good for women who are looking at pills as an option for fuller and firmer breasts, without introducing harmful toxins into their bodies. By consuming these supplements, this helps enhance the secretion of female hormones and thereby stimulate the enlargement of breast tissues. This can practically seen in pregnant women where breast tissue enlargement happens naturally. The good thing with breast augmentation is that it’s completely natural and free of risks of any severe side effects.

3. Breast Enlargement Pumps.

Women who wish to breast lift without using surgical procedures are very familiar with breast enlargement pumps. They work to apply pressure on the breast to trigger the growth of breast tissues. They come in both manual and electronic models and contain cups which are attached to the breast to aide in the entire procedure. When the pressure is applied through the cups, the epidermis is pulled up and creates a small gap which gradually fills with more tissues and increases breast sizes.

4. Breast Massage.

In Asian countries, a popular way to keep your breast firm is to have them enlarged through breast massage. When you massage your breasts in a circular motion with oil, you are more likely to get the same results as you would with over the counter prescriptions. The process should include stroking the nipples, clasping the breasts in both hands and kneading them gently. By massage your breasts regularly in a week you help increase their size. However, if the breast massage process is done incorrectly, it is more likely to do more harm than good.

5. Breast Enlargement Gels and Creams.

Using breast enlargement creams and gels is another way you can use to breast lift without having a surgical procedure done on you. The gels are made from natural active ingredients that are used to trigger the production of estrogen and thereby stimulating the growth of breast tissues.

6. Laser Treatment.

This is a new kind of treatment in the field of cosmetology. It works by tightening the skin in the chest area and ultimately lifts the breasts. Positive results are obtained almost immediately after the treatment has been performed. However, for the treatment to be effective, it will require the woman to have 3-4 sessions performed on her. Another downside is that during the treatment procedure, the woman will not be under any anesthesia. Laser treatment needs no recovery time.

7. Wear Suitable Bras.

If you wear bras that don’t give your breasts adequate support or you don’t wear bras at all you are certainly not helping yourself. The bouncing around can loosen your breast tissue and enhance sagging. You should make sure you have proper fitting bras to make a difference to how your breast look or start wearing bras because they are designed to hold your breasts.

8. Body Contouring.

Another option for non-surgical ways to breast lift is body contouring procedures such as Thermage. This is the use of radio waves to assist in tightening the collagen layer in the skin. This treatment focuses on lifting and firming the areas of the body with sagging skin.

Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical Ways to Breast Lift

Most of these methods that can be used to make firm the breast are affordable because they don’t require any professional to conduct them. The fact that you can do it yourself makes them more attractive because you will be more self conscious. You can do it when your time allows you and avoid scheduling an appointment. With the appearance of most women changing overtime mostly due to pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or aging, any woman can now change back their appearance within an equal timeline.

Non-surgical breast lift procedures can significantly improve a woman’s figure by camouflaging back into their more attractive self with natural remedies. The whole point of using nature’s goodies on your body is so that your avoid creating an influx of harmful toxins into your body. This effectively guarantees you results and enhances safety of your body from harmful substances.

When a woman uses non-surgical procedures on her breasts, the woman ends up being satisfied with the overall size of her breast. This is because some of these non-surgical ways tend to increase the breast tissue growth and the results are then conveyed to the overall size of the breast. The size increase is done naturally and remains free from any risks attached to surgical procedures.

However, some methods such as breast massage when done wrongly will do more harm than good to the woman’s breast. For this procedure, I would recommend that any woman seeking to try this should seek assistance from a trained professional. This procedure mingles with very sensitive muscles in your body therefore should be given the utmost care. A professional will handle this method best.

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