Sleep in the right position, helps with wrinkles!

Sleep in the right position, helps with wrinkles!

Did you girls know that, other than sleeping on the right time, which helps with our health, skin, but sleeping in the right position can help you to look younger than your age. Today we have something to show you, to get you out of the aging system, let’s go and see!

Supine position

The supine position is safe to touch the surface, friction with the pillow and also avoids wrinkles, then, to lie to help reduce reflux symptoms, prevention of back pain as well.

Sleep on one’s side, restraint

Sleep on one’s side, many people think it’s not good, but the truth is that it’s not serious, just do not take to shove, to rub against pillows violently, tilting restraint, you can sleep happily.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach take to shove a pillow straight, is prone to avoid the aging high, because if we lie our faces, it was a pillow, time-shifting little friction then causes wrinkles.

Knowing this, if you like sleeping on your side, then don’t rub against the pillow too hard, then the wrinkles will come very soon.

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