Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Are you exercising and eating well but your weight just don’t reduce in number? You are probably not alone out there and might even be asking yourself “why can’t I lose weight?”  Several desperate attempts to lose weight is said to be frustrating and this can create stress in one’s life. Losing weight must be a successful journey but individuals have to admit it, there are those individuals who can’t lose weight and that might include you. So what are really the reasons behind this? The following are cited as the common reasons why some individuals can’t lose weight:

  • Individuals are Exercising But Not Really in a Manner that Benefits their Body

Individual cannot lose weight simply because they are exercising too much or mixing it up giving their body a shock. When planning to lose weight successfully, you need to choose the right exercise to support your goals and must perform these accordingly. You can enjoy variety of exercise techniques like interval training, weight training, yoga and more. Hard and quick bursts are also good and weight training helps in raising metabolism.

  • Hormones are not Balanced

This is also another reason why some individuals cannot lose weight. For women who are fatigued and suffering from PMS, they actually find it hard to lose weight. These women feel anxious, depressed and might have hormonal imbalance. It would be best to see a doctor or nutritionist who can support you and recommend particular tests which will confirm this so that you can then take the appropriate actions.

  • You are not Adding Protein in Your Plate

Some individuals may not know it but protein is considered the satiety macronutrient that help individuals balanced out their blood sugars and helps them control their weight.

  • You are Scared of the Good Fats

Don’t be afraid because good fats are vital for the brain and for producing hormones. Good fats are also good for your heart. The body uses good fats and they actually help lower LDL cholesterol.

  • You Do not Do  Seasonal Cleanse

You probably cannot lose weight because your liver seems sluggish and you might need some good cleanse. If you are feeling tired, moody and low and your diet often contains coffee, sugar and alcohol, you should give your body a break. When the liver is sluggish, it actually struggles to process toxins, hormones and substances efficiently and this can result to toxic build up and will inevitably lead to weight gain. You may benefit a lot if you consider seasonal cleanse.

  • You are Drinking Much

Water is not really the subject here because if you drink water a lot, you can improve the ability of your body to lose weight. Nevertheless, if you are drinking too much sugary beverages and alcohol, you will surely find it hard to lose weight. This occurs when your total calorie intake tends to be restricted. Sugary drinks and alcohol are not good for various reasons. This can lower metabolism and can stop the liver from functioning properly. This can therefore leave you with excess fats most especially around the abdomen.

Try working out on these issues if you wanted to lose weight successfully.

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