Amazing Kiwi Fruit Benefits

Amazing Kiwi Fruit Benefits

Kiwi is a small fruit which is rich in flavor and is also abundant in benefits to health. Its green flesh is tangy and sweet and it is likewise full of nutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium and folate. Kiwi also comes with many antioxidants and it is also known as a great source of fiber. Their little black seeds can be eaten together with that fuzzy tanned peel, although most choose to peel it off before eating.

Kiwi can be found in many places in the world. It is grown in the state of California from the month of November until the month of May for the next year and also in the New Zealand from the month of June until October. Kiwi is also available in its supplement form. When it comes to amazing kiwi fruit benefits, you will be glad to know that you can benefit from eating this fruit in different ways.

Kiwi Fruit Benefits

Asthma Treatment

Many people believe that the high antioxidant and vitamin C contents of kiwi can help a lot in dealing with asthma. There was a study conducted 17 years before that revealed kiwi can give a beneficial impact on the function of lungs, provided that the fruit is being consumed fresh on a regular basis. Fresh fruits like kiwi can help minimize wheezing among the susceptible kids.

Aids in Digestion

If you have a digestion problem, just eat kiwi every day and get your problem solved. Kiwi is rich in fiber which is very important when it comes to digestion. Kiwi also contains a proteolytic enzyme that is known as actinidin which could help in breaking down protein.

Improves Your Immunity

Kiwi is rich in vitamins and minerals. As a matter of fact, just one cup of it can already provide you with around 273% of your recommended daily value for vitamin C. This vitamin is a very important nutrient in terms of boosting your immunity to fight diseases. Kiwi can even support immunity function and decrease the chance for development of flu-like illnesses and common colds.

Minimizes the Risk of Some Other Health Problems

Oxidative stress can be a result of the damage to DNA. It can lead to some health issues. We should be thankful for antioxidants as there are some evidences from the older study which says regular consumption of kiwi extract or kiwi can help reduce the risk of oxidative stress. Considering that oxidative DNA damage is connected to colon cancer, regular consumption of kiwi can help reduce your risk of colon cancer as well.

Helps in Managing Hypertension

Not just kiwi provides additional boost to your immune system, it can also help one to maintain normal blood pressure levels. There was a study done in 2014 that said bioactive substances in 3 pieces of kiwis can also mean a reduced risk for conditions which could be triggered by hypertension such as heart attacks and stroke.

Kiwi is also proven helpful in reducing blood clotting and in getting yourself protected from vision loss. So, make sure that you get some pieces of kiwis in your daily life so that you can reap and enjoy these benefits.

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