Green Tea Matcha-Essential Things You Ought to Know

green tea matcha

Green Tea Matcha-Essential Things You Ought to Know

The word “matcha” literally pertains to “powdered tea. If you place your order for traditional green tea, the components from the green tea leaves tend to get infused to hot water then this is discarded. With the matcha, you are actually drinking actual leaves that have been perfectly powered and made to a solution, by traditionally mixing about one teaspoon of matcha powder. This is combined with one third cup of hot water; which must be heated to less than boil. It will then be whisked with bamboo brush mainly until this froth.

Unlike other traditional green tea, the matcha preparation usually includes covering tea plants with the use of shade cloths prior to being harvested. This also triggers the growth of the leaves with better texture and flavor that are hand selected and steamed shortly to stop the fermentation. The leaves are then dried and aged on cold storage that further deepens the flavor. Dried leaves are stone-ground to fine powder.

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Interesting Things about Green Tea Matcha                             

Some individuals may not know it but there are numerous interesting things about Green Tea Matcha. Some of these are as follows:

  • Green Tea Matcha Traditionally Include Meditation

Preparation of the matcha is said to be the main focus of Japanese tea ceremony. This has also long been linked with Zen. This is probably one of the reasons behind its popularity as meditation.

  • Green Tea Matcha Can Be Incorporated to Meals

Green Tea Matcha is now creating fuzz among chefs not just as healthy beverage but also as a great ingredient in savory and sweet dishes. If you take time to research matcha recipes online, you will be surprised to find lots of choices that you can try. You will find almost everything including matcha muffins, puddings, brownies, stir frys, matcha soups and more. Though incorporating this to meals is possible, it would still be advisable to look for quality and pure matcha and enjoy this in moderation.

  • It Offers Amazing Health Benefits

Since green tea matcha is crafted from top quality tea, the entire leaves are said to be ingested. This is a more potent nutrient source than the steeped green teas. Aside from providing few amounts of minerals and vitamins, matcha is loaded with antioxidants known as polyphenols that have been linked to protect your heart from cancer and blood pressure reduction and better regulation, anti-aging and more. Another antioxidant found in matcha is the EGCC. Studies revealed that this helps in boosting metabolism or halt growth of cancer cells.

If you are not consuming green tea matcha today, you are losing great wonders and benefits that this can offer. So, it would be a smarter option now to purchase such a healthy product like this. If you are looking for great products for health, is the best place to shop online. This offers premium quality health products and more items like dietary supplements, creams, lotions and many more. Visit the site and explore their latest product offerings.

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