Benze Duo Biotic Plus Multi Fiber


Benz Duo Biotic Plus Multi Fiber is the dietary supplement that helps stimulate the excretory system to function normally. It combines 3 powers to efficiently eliminate residues and wastes in the intestines from Psyllium Hulk and Fiber, 12 types of fiber that will flush away the residues. With vitamins from many types of vegetable powder with added good microorganisms for 270 million Probiotics, it helps balance out the internal system. In addition, supplemented with 3 more types of Prebiotics (also known as SYNBIOTIC), complete in 1 sachet, it leads the intestines to contract and move better, relieves constipation, helps excrete substances, eliminates accumulated wastes, acts as a cleanser for the digestive system, helps reduce blood cholesterol, doesn’t allow the body to absorb sugar and fats too quickly, reduces the risk of diabetes, and helps strengthen the immune system.

money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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