Types of Boobs

Types of Boobs

Types of Boobs

Not all boobs are the same, and they are not merely small or large. They differ not just in sizes, but in their shapes, too. It is essential to know the different types of breasts so you know the best bra to wear that would be a great fit. It will not only make shopping for a bra easy, but it will also make you feel comfortable when you wear it. Besides, you may also find effective remedies to enhance its physical appearance.

The different types of boobs

Check out these nine types of boobs and learn which one best describes yours!

  1. Tear Drop

Just like the word itself, tear drop boobs are rounded and slightly less full at the top. Just like the round boobs, it is also one of the breasts most girls are aiming to have because of its exquisite shape.

  1. Bell Shape

Bell shape boobs are exactly what it sounds. This kind of boobs is commonly described as heavier because it is drastically fuller at the bottom while narrower at the top. They look slimmer at the top because the bottom part is big and bulky.

  1. Slender

Slender boobs are described to be slimmer at the top and its bottom is fuller. They also look longer than being wide, or they can be called merely as tubular. For this kind of boobs, it is suitable to wear a smaller cup size bra with padding to lift it a bit.

  1. Round

Some women may dream of having round boobs. This type is equally full from top to bottom. You’re lucky if you have it because you don’t need to wear something that will give it a better shape.

  1. Side set

Side set boobs are those that are a little fuller in shape and have a wide space between them. The nipples also point a little forward. Compared to the east-west boobs, this one is quite voluminous or bigger but also pointing outwards. Some women even have to do a lot of regimens just to acquire this shape because they are shaped perfectly. Some people even mistakenly describe it as fake because it looks too perfect compared to other types.

  1. East-West

Just like the side set type of boobs, east-west also has a wide space in between, but the nipples point outwards or in opposite directions. It looks a gentle slope from the top to bottom while its sides are directed outwards. The nipples pointing in the opposite direction also contribute to making the boobs look widely parted.

  1. Asymmetric

This kind of boobs may give an awkward feeling for those who have it because they may think it is not in a normal shape. The other breast is notably larger than the other which is why it is difficult for women who have it to find the best fit bra to wear.

Boo Ben Large Breast Enhancer Cream is an effective formula to address this issue. It is made of herbal products that can give both of your boobs a better shape and size.

  1. Athletic

An athletic boob is relatively small with erect nipples. It looks full and has less tissue. It is muscular and not squishy. To remedy this type of boobs, try taking one capsule of Maxi Doomz after meals or during an empty stomach. It will help enlarge your boobs and make it fuller.

  1. Relaxed

Relaxed boobs have lax tissue. It looks wider at the top and its bottom is narrower. Its nipples are also pointing downward. It seems saggy or floppy, unlike the athletic boobs.

Nowadays where improvement of physical appearances is within our reach, it is not impossible to gain the well-shaped boobs we aim to have. Thai Best Sellers offer effective remedies to enhance its physical appearance. Whether you need a breast enlargement supplement or a breast firming cream, the company has your needs covered.

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