Amado Ben C

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Amado Ben C is the Vitamin C in the form of effervescent tablet that promotes good health and skin as well as provides high antioxidants. Amado Ben C is formulated with Acerola Cherry Extract, a good source of high natural Vitamin C. Acerola Cherry Extract contains higher Vitamin C than the orange for 30-80 times. It helps promote body immunity, nourishes skin, slows down aging, nourishes the nails and hair, and relieves colds and allergy with the standard of production from Korea. It has been certified by the “Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance” which is trusted with the highest quality and safety. The tablet is larger than other products, so it can contain more important ingredients. It doesn’t cause bloating as it does not break in the stomach which can irritate the stomach.

money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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