La’Nature Plus Grape Seed Extract by DW Plus


La’Nature Grape Seed Extract is the dietary supplement for skin nourishment and antioxidant effect. It is formulated with Grape Seed Extract (OPCs) that have 50 times higher antioxidant efficiency than Vitamin E. In addition, Grape Seed Extract can also work with Vitamin C and Vitamin E to strengthen collagen to the skin layer effectively. It helps the body to produce more Glutathione synthesis, so it helps slow down aging because the cells get deteriorated slower, firms up skin cells, and reduces wrinkles, dark spots, and melasmas. It also clears out all skin problems, rejuvenates skin, promotes skin to be glowing, smooth, and radiant as well as slows down aging, improves skin conditions, and reduces uneven skin tone. It can be taken with other vitamins.

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