Mana Prolean Plant Protein

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Mana Prolean Plant Protein is the plant-based protein dietary supplement for the fast-paced era. It is for people who want to have a good body shape but don’t have time to exercise. With the innovation that helps increase efficiency faster, including protein extracts from more than 38 types of plants, it contains essential minerals for the body, helps increase muscle mass, reduces fat mass, helps strengthen and restores muscles effectively, helps the body to be able to exercise longer, helps reduce muscle pain, and promotes the body to be “lean” and have good health. It is the ultimate “H2O Slim innovation” that helps trap fats and reduces fat accumulation. Gofos dietary fiber helps balance out the intestinal tract, helps reduce the accumulation of fats, helps control weight, and does not stimulate insulin in the blood. Lemost increases absorption up to 30 times. Amino Acid (BCAAs) prevents the breakdown of muscle mass.

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money back guarantee 30 day
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