Quinn’s Skin Cocoa Powder


Quinn’s Skin Cocoa Powder SPF 50 PA ++ is the first Cocoa Botox Puff Powder in Thailand. It’s the pressed powder mixed with foundation with delicate texture that can perfectly conceal skin impurities. With the technology of Japan that is Treat Silicone for Titanium Dioxide, Quinn’s Skin Cocoa Powder SPF 50 PA++ is therefore unique. The benefits of cocoa powder also help increase skin smoothness and hydration as well as provide antioxidants. Furthermore, it helps fulfill and conceal aging signs for youthful skin as botox injection. Quinn’s Skin Cocoa Powder SPF 50 PA++ is water and sweat proof with sun protection for 50 times. It’s long lasting with no stains during the day and can control the oil for up to 12 hours.

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