Rebina C Peach Triple Collagen Jelly


Rebina C Peach Triple Collagen Jelly is the Collagen dietary supplement in sachet form. It is the acne relief formula with peach flavor that boots clear skin with natural ingredients. Developed with care for skin health of modern people, it is the Collagen for bright skin that is very valuable. It helps promote skin to be smoother and more radiant, reduces dark spots, melasmas, freckles, redness, and dull skin problem, slows down cell degeneration, delays wrinkles and dry skin problems, and helps skin look youthful. The product is easy to take with good taste that meets the needs of people who want convenience and ease in taking care of their skin. It is rich in the value packed in every sachet, beneficial to the body, and can be carried anywhere.

money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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