Swizer Coffee Mixed Acai & Chai Seed

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Swizer Coffee Mixed Acai & Chai Seed is the only one instant coffee powder in the world that obtains the patent for containing the highest levels of Omega 3, Fiber and Protein with the secret formula from the world-class Barista combining the benefits of superfood of Acai, Berry, and Chia Seeds. These are perfectly matched with the special selected premium aroma coffee and other ingredients that are beneficial to the body and skin such as White Kidney Bean, L-Carnitine, Chitosan, Spirulina, and Collagen from deep sea fish. Every pack is rich in nutrients such as Omega 3 that is good for brain nourishment, heart care, and blood veins. It also provides antioxidant to nourish skin, fiber to support the excretory system, and protein to repair the deteriorated body and provide energy. In addition, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, prevents osteoporosis, and prevents skin inflammation. The coffee is suitable for those who want to control weight and nurture the health.

money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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