Chame Probiotic Shot Pro – 100

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Chame Probiotic Shot Pro – 100 is the Probiotics dietary supplement product in the form of a tear-and-fill sachet containing 7 strains of Probiotics, 3 types of Prebiotics, fiber, and the number of microorganisms for 100,000 million CFU/sachet. With the innovative Coating technology 4 layers, it protects Probiotics not to be destroyed by stomach acid, so it can be able to function effectively for good intestinal health, stimulate excretion, help strengthen the immune system, help balance out the intestines, reduce constipation, reduce allergy symptoms, and also contains Vitamin C, E, B2 to help enhance the efficiency of skin nourishing. The sachet form is easy to carry, tear, and fill the mouth. The Lemon Yogurt flavor is delicious and easy to take.

money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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