Plantnery Tea Tree Acne Whip Foam


Plantnery Tea Tree Acne Whip Foam is the assistance for you to say goodbye to all acne problems with whipped foam, acne-reducing formula for very oily and combination skin. It helps control oiliness which is the cause of acne with a special concentrated extract from TEA TREE grown in a natural method, is organic certified, and extracted with a special process, leading to the concentration of Terpinen-4-OL which is the most important substance. In addition, with Witch Hazel Extract, it helps tighten pores for skin to look smooth. The soft and bouncy whipped foam helps reduce friction between hands and face to increase tenderness and reduce wrinkles on the face for tender and sensitive skin. It is free from alcohol, fragrance, paraben, colorant, and silicone.

money back guarantee 30 day
money back guarantee 30 day
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